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Rule By One Yes Or No: On May 18 Pennsylvania Voters Will Decide

Altoona Mirror   Gov. Trying to Influence with Wording

Spotlight PA  Ballot questions should be clear, but two written by the Wolf administration don’t pass the test

Questions on the May 18 Primary Election Ballot

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SC Added Firing Squad As An Execution Method While PA Currently Has No Death Penalty Because “That’s the power of one guy”

Firing Squad as execution method approved by South Carolina

6 May 21 – The South Carolina bill, which passed the House by a 66-43 vote, would require death row inmates to choose between a firing squad or electric chair if lethal injection drugs are not available.

NorCo DA Morgnelli: Wolf Has No Power to Suspend Death Penalty

The guy with the most money makes the rules. Wolf has the most money. He bought the office. He makes the rules. John can argue semantics to his heart’s content. But Wolf won’t sign any warrants and the death penalty is effectively suspended in PA. That’s the power of one guy who’s rich enough to buy the office.

Gov. Tom Wolf declares moratorium on death penalty in Pa …

Feb. 2015 – Gov. Tom Wolf declared a moratorium Friday on the death penalty in Pennsylvania, potentially halting the process for 186 prisoners who’ve received a death sentence. Since 1693, the commonwealth has…

Gov. Wolf’s death penalty ban ‘punch to the stomach’ of victims, families, DA says…

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Wilkes-Barre Township, PA Police Department BOLO

For Theft of Services AKA Didn’t Pay His Bill

Is This Profiling?

A Nation of Laws Post-Election: DOJ Civil Rights Division “worried about Arizona vote recount” “ballot security” Wants Guarantee Laws Will Be Followed


No Postmark On Mail-In Ballots? No Problem:

Pennsylvania Can Count Ballots With Or Without Postmarks …

The Pennsylvania Supreme Court ruled Thursday that mail-in ballots can be counted up to three days after the election, even if they lack a legible postmark. The Democrat party had requested an extension to the state’s Election Day deadline and the court – with a 5-2 Democratic majority – was willing to oblige.

Signatures Do Not Match On Mail-In Ballots ? No Problem:

Pennsylvania high court says ballots can’t be rejected for signature mismatches….

Mail-In Ballots Arrive Three Days After Election? No Problem:

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Biden’s Deputy Director Natalie Montelongo: “If you’re looking for a way to help – look up your nearest ICE office and shut-it-down”

Deputy White House director said ICE ‘doesn’t have to exist,’ told protesters to ‘shut-it-down’

Lived In Mexico Schooled In America Advocates For Her People

Brownsville woman appointed deputy director at White House …

Natalie Montelongo’s childhood story is not very different from that of many first-generation Americans in this border city. Born in Harlingen and raised in Matamoros, as a child Montelongo would cross the international bridge every day during the early morning to go to school in Brownsville.

President Biden’s new deputy director was an ACLU activist …

Natalie Montelongo, national campaign strategist for immigrant rights for @aclu, is the organizer behind this rally. She’s from Brownsville and said that the Valley needs this kind of activism. She’s from Brownsville and said that the Valley needs this kind of activism.

Crazy that Biden’s deputy dir for political strategy (@natimontelongo) encouraged sedition in Portland in 2018.

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