When The Land Of Lebanon County Threatened Rebellion The Petty Little Tyrant Punished

Lebanon County revolts against Gov. Wolf as no other county in Pennsylvania has done…

Wolf ignores all his edicts to lead a BLM protest against the police.

Lebanon County was the last county out of 67 to go “Green” as a result of disobeying PA Gov. Tom Wolf’s unilateral edicts. They did not disobey by hosting and leading a BLM parade against the police as Wolf did, they simply declared that following all CDC guidelines struggling businesses, as a result of Wolf’s edicts, would be permitted to reopen. Wolf then withheld $13M in federal funding from Lebanon County as an additional punishment.

Lebanon County sued and a deal was struck, part of which was that Lebanon County would be required to spend “$2.8 million [of the federal funds on a] campaign to promote the use of mask-wearing“. That’s $2,800,000 that didn’t go to small businesses devastated by Wolf’s mysterious, secret and arbitrary business waivers.

Wolf moving all counties to green except for Lebanon

‘Total payback’: Lebanon County to stay in yellow phase …

Lebanon County Republicans call Gov. Wolf ‘dictator ..

Only one Pa. county is not given approval for green phase …

Lebanon County is the only county in Pennsylvania that is not being given approval from Gov. Tom Wolf’s administration to move to the green phase.

Wolf yanks virus funding from rebellious county

Wolf’s decision left Lebanon as the only Pennsylvania county to have been cut off from a $625 million pot of federal coronavirus relief money distributed by the state. Asked about it at a news conference Thursday, Wolf blamed the county’s GOP-controlled Board of Commissioners and suggested that Lebanon residents should kick them out of office.

Wolf withholding millions in pandemic relief funding from Lebanon County

Funding through the federal CARES Act is being withheld from Lebanon County, after the county commissioners voted 2-1 in May to skirt the guidelines of Gov. Tom Wolf’s reopening plan by moving to…

County sues Wolf, seeking $13M in virus funding he withheld

Gov. Wolf, don’t punish all in Lebanon County because you are mad…

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