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Biden Invited The World And Here They Come

Gallup Latin American Poll Shows 42 Million Want to Move to US

How To Emigrate To The USA: Arrange travel to the U.S. Mexican border and walk across.

Biden’s 2019 ‘Surge To The Border’ Comments Resurface Amid …

“We’re a nation who says, if you want to flee, and you’re fleeing oppression, you should come.” Candidate Joe Biden To The World

A Country Without Borders Isn’t – The Independent | News …

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Former Pennsylvania Congressman Lou Barletta has announced, “I’m in! I’m running for Governor…

Former Congressman Lou Barletta to run for governor of Pennsylvania

WTAE-TV|1 hour ago – Former Congressman Lou Barletta has announced he’s running for governor of Pennsylvania.In a statement on his Facebook page, Barletta wrote, “I’m in! I’m running for Governor…

On May 18: The Voters Of Pennsylvania Will Rule

“The judiciary has ruled that I do indeed have the ability to do this,” PA Gov. Tom Wolf on his unilateral in perpetuity emergency powers upheld by the 5-2 Democrat controlled PA Supreme Court.

Bill Rivers: Partisanship on PA Supreme Court turns robes into rags

As Pennsylvania votes are counted, the justices of the state’s Supreme Court might consider a wardrobe change, as the black robes of impartiality belie their function as the legal department of the Commonwealth’s Democratic Party.

To understand how the Commonwealth’s highest court became a Democratic policy backstop, go back to 2015 and the most expensive judicial race in U.S. history. Seven candidates raised $15.8 million, with $9 million going to the three Democrats: Kevin Dougherty, David Wecht, and Christine Donohue. 

The result: a 5-2 majority for the Democrats. 

Gov. Tom Wolf’s Tyrannical Executive Power in Pennsylvania May Soon Come to an End

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Portland Police Association Issues Warning

Portland Police union head issues ominous warning – says city is ‘on the precipice of a gang war’ because of gun violence

PORTLAND, OR – The head of the Portland Police Association, Daryl Turner, recently delivered a statement regarding crime impacting the city. Turner noted in his statement that the city is on the brink “of a gang war,” and steps need to be taken to address the matter.

With Homicides And Violent Crime Surging In New York City Political Advocacy Gets Complicated

‘Defund the police’ movement takes toll on NYC’s crime …

An NYPD Officer Displays His Pride

The Tolerant And Accepting Ones Ban NYPD From NYC Events

The decision to bar the NYPD’s Gay Officers Action League from next year’s Pride parade is “hurtful and disappointing,” the Police Department’s top spokesman said Sunday.

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