On May 18: The Voters Of Pennsylvania Will Rule

“The judiciary has ruled that I do indeed have the ability to do this,” PA Gov. Tom Wolf on his unilateral in perpetuity emergency powers upheld by the 5-2 Democrat controlled PA Supreme Court.

Bill Rivers: Partisanship on PA Supreme Court turns robes into rags

As Pennsylvania votes are counted, the justices of the state’s Supreme Court might consider a wardrobe change, as the black robes of impartiality belie their function as the legal department of the Commonwealth’s Democratic Party.

To understand how the Commonwealth’s highest court became a Democratic policy backstop, go back to 2015 and the most expensive judicial race in U.S. history. Seven candidates raised $15.8 million, with $9 million going to the three Democrats: Kevin Dougherty, David Wecht, and Christine Donohue. 

The result: a 5-2 majority for the Democrats. 

Gov. Tom Wolf’s Tyrannical Executive Power in Pennsylvania May Soon Come to an End

Reagan McCarthy | Posted: May 14, 2021 5:30 PM

Democratic governors notoriously abused executive power throughout the COVID-19 pandemic, at the expense of business owners in their respective states. Pennsylvania’s Gov. Tom Wolf (D-PA) joined Democratic gubernatorial counterparts in keeping his state locked down for the sake of “science,” even when a safe reopening was feasible. In the May 18 primary election, voters have the chance to curb his executive authority.

Wolf, among other governors, got away with issuing tyrannical edicts via executive power. A ballot question empowers voters to agree to give power back to the General Assembly to limit and oversee the governor’s executive power: 

“Shall the Pennsylvania Constitution be amended to change existing law and increase the power of the General Assembly to unilaterally terminate or extend a disaster emergency declaration—and the powers of Commonwealth agencies to address the disaster regardless of its severity pursuant to that declaration—through passing a concurrent resolution by simple majority, thereby removing the existing check and balance of presenting a resolution to the Governor for approval or disapproval?”

Given Wolf’s series of executive actions, Republicans are encouraging voters to vote “yes” on the question. 


Like other Democratic governors, Wolf’s executive order also caused an influx of nursing home deaths during the pandemic. 


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