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During National Police Memorial Week BLM Activist And Pennsylvania Governor Sends Message To All Commonwealth Employees To Remind Them That He Believes African Americans Are Continuing To Be Killed By Racist And Intolerant Police

...nothing less than the worst kind of political pandering and only serves to further divide our nation at the expense of officers who already work incredibly dangerous jobs.

Pennsylvania Democrat Governor Wolf Calls Mass Rioting and Looting Peaceful Protests…

Gov. Wolf insulted law enforcement during National Police Week, held May 8-15. The week is an annual observance when memorial events are held all across America to honor police officers who have sacrificed their lives. In our history, 99 Pennsylvania Troopers have died in the line of duty. Last year in the United States, 264 officers were killed. Thus far in 2021, 125 have died.

David Kennedy, PSTA president, pointed to an internal message from the governor issued Friday that read, in part, “Juneteenth is a celebration of the progress we have made as a nation towards equality and justice for all. Sadly, the continued death of African Americans at the hands of police … are painful reminders that racism and intolerance are still with us today.”

Gov. Wolf “ignored his own order and marched in Harrisburg… during a pandemic with people holding signs that read ‘Blue Lives Murder.'”

The Pennsylvania State Troopers Association Responds

Letter: Gov. Wolf Owes All Law Enforcement and Their Families An Apology

May 17, 2021

Dear Legislator: Thank you for your service to our commonwealth. I want to bring to your attention a recent letter by Gov. Tom Wolf to all state employees marking Juneteenth as a state holiday of service. On Friday, he wrote: “Juneteenth is a celebration of the progress we have made as a nation towards equality…Read More >

National Police Week

Cop-Hater And BLM Activist “Gov. Wolf owes all law enforcement and their families an apology.” David Kennedy, PSTA President

Wolf calls police racists and his spokesmouth says, They are sorry that their “message was obscured” and “we are sorry if [you] took offense” to being called a racist by the Governor of Pennsylvania.

The message wasn’t obscured. Wolf’s message was police are racist. Message received.

“Gov. Wolf chose to use his platform to further push a false narrative that is inflammatory, reckless, and hurtful. This is nothing less than the worst kind of political pandering and only serves to further divide our nation at the expense of officers who already work incredibly dangerous jobs.” David Kennedy, PSTA President

“…the leader of our commonwealth pits everyone against the police. This must end now.”

Black Lives Matter leader declares war on police

BLM speaker declares war on ‘filthy, disgusting animal’ cops

Pennsylvania State Troopers Association demands apology from governor

By Christen Smith | The Center Square 2 hrs ago

(The Center Square) – The Pennsylvania State Troopers Association said Monday that Gov. Tom Wolf owes the organization an apology after he released a Juneteenth statement linking ongoing racial inequality to law enforcement.

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“…never in the commonwealth’s history [have two people] claimed such broad powers for so long a time.”

Beginning at 8 PM, April 1, 2020 all of Pennsylvania “ordered to stay at home” by Secretary of Health Dr. Rachel Levine

“Staying at home doesn’t mean making a daily stop at the grocery store because you need to get out of the house. Staying at home means you must stay at home.” – Wolf’s unelected Secretary of Health Dr. Levine … Continue reading →

Pennsylvania is the second most restrictive state when it comes to coronavirus rules…

Tom Wolf Ignores Tom Wolf’s Restrictions: Tom Wolf Virtue Signals at Harrisburg Black Lives Matter …

PA Coronavirus Response Ranks Among Worst In U.S.: Study …

Pennsylvania’s Nursing Home COVID-19 Scandal

Pennsylvania health official moved mother from nursing home

Gov. Tom Wolf’s former business (a cabinet supply company) keeps operating during the coronavirus shutdown…

Audit faults Gov. Wolf’s business shutdown waiver program …

Wolf has gone to extraordinary lengths to maintain his emergency powers…”

The pandemic was certainly a crisis, but never in the commonwealth’s history has any executive claimed such broad powers for so long a time. The British army occupied Philadelphia during the American Revolution. Confederates invaded central Pennsylvania in the Civil War. Even amid these threats to the existence of the state, Pennsylvania managed to maintain the republican form of government and the separation of powers mandated in the state constitution.

Wolf has gone to extraordinary lengths to maintain his emergency powers despite repeated, bipartisan legislative action to stop him. As Calvin Coolidge noted, “Government control cannot be divorced from political control.” To those inclined to trust in government, that phrase sounds cynical, but Wolf demonstrates the truth of it. Given enough time, any lever of government control will become a partisan weapon. Wolf has thoroughly discredited the executive branch’s limited role in the amendment process. Perhaps the next amendment should aim at fixing that.

Wolf Politicizes PA Amendment Process Ahead of Primary

Kyle Sammin Mon, 17 May 2021 09:15:00

In the lead-up to Pennsylvania’s primary, which takes place Tuesday, Gov. Tom Wolf and his administration have injected partisanship into what had been a non-political aspect of state government.


That’ll Teach Them Not To Illegally Enter Our Country: They Broke Our Immigration Laws Now Americans Will Be Paying $9 Billion For “Biden’s decision to import the youths and children of U.S.-based illegal migrants.”

Biden ramps us efforts to transport and reunite children of illegal aliens who recently walked across our border with their parents who previously illegally walked across our border.

“I should be flattered people are coming because I’m the nice guy. That’s the reason why it’s happening is that I’m a decent man…” Joe Biden from Scranton, Pennsylvania on the Invasion of the USA.

Biden declined to use the judge-approved option of flying the arriving youths and children back to their distant homes. Strong majorities of swing voters blame Biden, not Trump, for the unpopular migration crisis.

President Joe Biden has taken $2 billion from Americans’ healthcare programs to help deliver migrant youths and children to their illegal-migrant parents throughout the United States, press reports say.

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