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“Unofficial election returns show that nearly 54% of voters in Pennsylvania support constitutional amendments that limit the governor’s emergency powers.”

During those halcyon days with ratings through the roof, Levine told Pennsylvanian’s daily what they could and could not do. Levine and Wolf were co-hosts of the eponymous Levine and Wolf Show which ran for several weeks in 2020 before ratings plummeted and the show was cancelled. Levine is mostly remembered for daily instructions on hand-washing and expertise in depopulating nursing homes. Wolf went on to become a strident BLM activist ignoring restrictions to lead protests during Pennsylvania’s shutdown with signage such as “Blue Lives Murder“.

“The handling of this pandemic by this administration has been a case study in how our current emergency authority laws can be exercised by any Pennsylvania governor to completely shred the rule of law and our legal norms.” House Majority Leader Kerry Benninghoff, R-Bellefonte

Voters approve ballot questions limiting governor’s emergency powers

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“Police shred [BLM activist and] PA Democrat governor after he repeats myth of systemic racism by cops”

Poor Tom was born rich, White and privileged. Living in today’s world, consumed with self-loathing he endlessly searches for atonement. Tom lacks the life experiences of the common man to have learned that slandering others will never make you more righteous. Poor Tom.

It’s easy for Wolf to blame police for the ills of the black community. That’s become something of a sport among Democrats, with Joe Biden taking the occasion last week of National Police Week and Law Officer’s Memorial Day to slam police officers as being racist mercenaries intent on destroying the black race. Not in so many words, of course but the point was made…and taken by police officers across the country.

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