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“We have to put Americans First.” Florida Governor Ron DeSantis

Watch — Biden: DACA Illegals ‘Are More American than Most Americans’…

French Government Cuts Immigrants Welfare by 83% …

A new poll has found that 71 per cent of French people think the country has had enough immigration and that it can’t take any more.

New Zealand’s prime minister is cutting immigration to help deflate the nation’s housing bubble and also to raise wages.

Floodgates Open: Biden Admin To Increase Number Of Migrants…

Biden immigration proposals would expand legal immigration …

Open Borders And Cheap Labor Boon For CEO Pay Catastrophic For American Families, Towns, Boroughs And Cities

The Lie: Apr 20, 2021 – Bush Says U.S. Needs More Foreign Workers to Take American Jobs…

The Facts:

CEO compensation has grown 940% since 1978

CEO pay jumped to record high in 2020

The median pay for chief executive officers at 322 publicly traded U.S. companies grew to a record $13.2 million in 2020

Sheriff Says “Americans Should Be Angry and Outraged” Over Biden’s Immigration Policies

What will be the toll on America with one million-plus illegal immigrants joining our communities EVERY YEAR during Biden’s administration?

Joe Biden 50 Years A Swamp Creature: White America ‘has to admit there’s still a systemic racism’

Joe Biden’s Six Decades of Racism

Joe Biden: White America ‘has to admit there’s still a …


Wrong Line of Work