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As We Have Been Told The Worst Crimes Are “Hate Crimes”

And The Worst Thing Anyone Can Be Accused Of Is Being A Racist, But If It Turns Out You Are Falsely Accused… Oh Well… ‘Cause Racism

White Bear Lake Police Department said there will NO CHARGES for the black girl who created the racist Instagram account, attempting to destroy a conservative white girl’s life.

Let’s Just Forgettaboutit Like It Never Happened Because It Didn’t

Racist messages prompt high school walkout in solidarity with Black students

Students walk out at White Bear Lake High School after racist, threatening social media post

“This is something we’re used to handling, so most of us handle it well, but we’re tired. We’re done. This is it. This is our last straw,” said senior Ashanti Cox.

She said other members of the school’s Black Excellence Club were also invited into the group chat, where they were threatened and called racist names.

“We need to take a closer look at what we’re doing and do it much better,” answered South Campus Principal Don Bosch.

Students wore black clothing in solidarity with their classmates, and listened as BIPOC (Black, Indigenous, People of Color) students shared their experiences of harassment and discrimination in school and in the wider community. 

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“Tens of thousands of people.” The Federal Government Has No idea Who They Are Or Where They Are And Tens of Thousands More Are Coming

Graham: ‘We’re Inviting a Terrorist Attack on Our Country on the 20th Anniversary of 9/11 by Losing Control of the Border’

Texas rancher says she’s taught daughters how to use firearms as border crisis grows ‘out of control’

YAHOO!News|11 days ago – Texas rancher Stephanie Crisp-Canales described on “America’s Newsroom” what it’s like to live near the border amid the migrant “invasion” and said she “most definitely” feels abandoned by the federal government.

Biden Resurrects His Lie That He Comes From A Long Line Of Hard Coal Miners Who Mined Coal In Scranton, Pennsylvania

The Truth: Joe Biden, the Son of a Used-Car Salesman

The Lies:

Biden Claims He Was A Coal Miner

Joe Biden Lied About Family’s Coal Mining Ties

Biden, who has been known to exaggerate his own history for political reasons, told union mine workers in Castlewood, Virginia during the 2008 presidential campaign he was one of them. “I hope you won’t hold it against me, but I am a hard-coal miner, anthracite coal, Scranton, Pennsylvania,” he said.

Joe Biden Falsely Claims His Father Was A Coal Miner …

Biden’s claim that his ‘great-grandpop’ was a coal miner …

Biden claimed he had an uncle who was a coal miner

Joe Biden Has Always Been a Compulsive Liar

A Song, Joe Biden Says Is Based On His Grandfather From Scranton, Pennsylvania

“My Granddaddy was a miner…”

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Two “significantly decomposed” Bodies Discovered Near Eckley Miners Village

2 bodies discovered in wooded area in Carbon County; PSP asking for information

LAUSANNE TWP., Pa. – State police are investigating after discovering two bodies in a wooded area in Carbon County. 

PSP Hazleton say two bodies, presumably male and female, were discovered just after 5 p.m. on Saturday in a wooded area off of Eckley Road, near North Buck Mountain Road.

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Illinois State Sen. Chapin Rose (R) told Breitbart News, “This is despicable.”

During a moment of silence meant to honor fallen Officer Chris Oberheim on the floor of the Illinois House, state Rep. Carol Ammons (D) spoke about the felon, Darion Lafayette, who died after allegedly shooting and killing Oberheim.