As We Have Been Told The Worst Crimes Are “Hate Crimes”

And The Worst Thing Anyone Can Be Accused Of Is Being A Racist, But If It Turns Out You Are Falsely Accused… Oh Well… ‘Cause Racism

White Bear Lake Police Department said there will NO CHARGES for the black girl who created the racist Instagram account, attempting to destroy a conservative white girl’s life.

Let’s Just Forgettaboutit Like It Never Happened Because It Didn’t

Racist messages prompt high school walkout in solidarity with Black students

Students walk out at White Bear Lake High School after racist, threatening social media post

“This is something we’re used to handling, so most of us handle it well, but we’re tired. We’re done. This is it. This is our last straw,” said senior Ashanti Cox.

She said other members of the school’s Black Excellence Club were also invited into the group chat, where they were threatened and called racist names.

“We need to take a closer look at what we’re doing and do it much better,” answered South Campus Principal Don Bosch.

Students wore black clothing in solidarity with their classmates, and listened as BIPOC (Black, Indigenous, People of Color) students shared their experiences of harassment and discrimination in school and in the wider community. 

Ashanti Cox is one of the students who was targeted with hateful messages. 

“What needs to happen is these adults need to use their adult power, their supervisory power, and their white power, because they are adults and they are white, and they can do more for us than we can,” Cox said. 

“I want you to know we will not tolerate racism, we will not tolerate any injustice toward anybody,” [South Campus principal Don] Bosch said. “Right now we need to come together as a school and a community and denounce racism.” 

Bosch acknowledged that the rally was an important part of the healing process for the student body.

EXCLUSIVE: School officials hid race from the public

An official with the police department said it did not press for charges for several reasons, including because the officer did not read the suspect her Miranda rights and because they did not think it was worth pursuing charges.

Dale Hager, an administrative captain, told The College Fix during a May 17 phone interview that he could not share any details on the identity of the culprit because she is a juvenile. He also told The Fix that he could not say if the student did lie or not, but that if they were going to charge people for lying to police, cops would spend all day in court.

Precious Boahen has been identified by media outlets as making an accusation that the account was created by a white conservative student at the high school named Avery Severson.

Let’s Just Forgettaboutit Like It Never Happened Because It Didn’t

Air Force Academy Silent On Alleged Racist Hoax Motive The Air Force Academy said Wednesday it would not discuss what led a student to allegedly stage a hate crime.

Woke Air Force general stands by remarks, receives award after accusing cadets of being racist even after incident proven to be a hoax.

A black student wrote those racist messages that shook the Air Force Academy…

Nov 8, 2017 – On Tuesday, Silveria, the Air Force general who gained national fame for his speech condemning the September incidents at the preparatory academy, stood by his original remarks.

Not surprisingly, on November 14, Silveria received an award for his speech from the Anti-Defamation League (ADL), despite the fact that the alleged hate crime had already been shown to be bogus,…

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