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Joe Biden Who Eulogized His Friend And Mentor KKK Member Robert Byrd Says “White Supremacy” Now “Greatest Threat” To US

Vice President Biden Eulogizes Senator Byrd

Biden commemorates Tulsa massacre, notes ‘terrorism from white supremacy’ is ‘greatest threat’ to US

Joe Biden commemorated the 100th anniversary of the 1921 Tulsa Massacre by visiting the city and announcing new efforts to combat “white supremacy” and increase federal spending on minority-owned businesses.

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Moving On To The Next “symbol of White Supremacy” The Thin Blue Line Flag And There’s Plenty More After That One

“The thin blue line imagery is viewed… as a symbol of White Supremacy”, so says Portland Commissioner Jo Ann Hardesty

Portland Commissioner Jo Ann Hardesty, who spearheaded the local defund police movement, is in hot water after attempting to block the public release of records about her “equity” bureau,

“People from as far away as Romania and India are flying into Latin America to join the [invasion] crossing into the US southern border.”

Biden’s Executive Actions: President Unilaterally Changes Immigration Policy …

DHS Ends Program that Helps Arrest Illegal Rapists …

Biden Administration Ramps Up IRS Enforcement