No Border: If You Consider Your Country A Shithole And Want An ETB Card, Free Health Care And All Your Children Educated Free In The U.S. Well Come On In

Or You’re A Terrorist That Vows Death To America

Biden: The border is “closed”

Juan, a human smuggler who works at the border: ‘no, no, it is open’

Someone is a liar. Who to believe? After all Biden whose been a politician for only 50 years did say, ‘I’ll Always Tell You the Truth’ The live real time midday video on the border makes it a tough decision.

Fox Flight Team catches illegal migrants crossing Rio Grande; Griff Jenkins speaks to smuggler

June 9, 2021


Just before “The Five” began, Jenkins finally convinced a smuggler named Juan to speak with him. Juan, dressed in a teeshirt and sitting in the middle of a shallow spot in the Rio Grande; watching the Mexican bank, told him he is not afraid of the Border Patrol nor Mexican police.

Juan also told Jenkins that President Biden may claim the border is “closed” – but that in reality, he is wrong.

“He said ‘no, no, it is open’,” the reporter recalled.


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