Congratulations To Biden And His Supporters For Setting New Record Again For Illegal Aliens Apprehended “at the southern border in May, surpassing the record highs set in March and April”

Two Yemeni men on FBI’s terror watchlist arrested at border

Suspected Terrorists Crossing the Border ‘Very Uncommon’. White House press secretary Jen Psaki defended… the strength of the Southern border after two suspected terrorists were apprehended after crossing into the United States through Mexico.

Biden administration RETURNS $2billion set aside for Trump’s border wall despite the 674% increase in crossings in the last year 

The Biden administration is returning $2 billion set aside for Donald Trump’s signature border wall and calling on Congress to cancel other funding, despite a surge in people trying to cross illegally.

Don’t Have To Leave The Country To Find “The Root Causes”:

Biden loads illegal immigrants up with welfare, free legal services, free health care…

Joe Biden Vows Amnesty for All Illegals in First 100 Days …

Joe Biden Wants Free Healthcare and Free Tuition for Illegal Aliens…

Biden says U.S. has ‘obligation’ to give health care to everyone including ILLEGAL immigrants.

Biden to reunite families Trump separated at Mexico border …

Biden pledged to stop building the wall.

Record Number Of Migrants Attempted To Enter The US In May …

2021/06/09 Border officials apprehended over 180,000 migrants at the southern border in May, surpassing the record highs set in March and April, Customs and Border Protection announced Wednesday. Customs and Border Protection (CBP) officials apprehended over 173,000 migrants in March and more than 178,000 in April, according to the agency.

EXCLUSIVE: Criminal Alien Arrests at U.S. Border Exceeds …

May 14, 202114 May 2021 48 2:34 As Border Patrol struggles with the surge of migrants this year, a law enforcement source informs Breitbart Texas that more 6,000 migrants with serious criminal records were apprehended since the new fiscal year beginning October 1, 2020. One thousand of those were apprehended in the Rio Grande Valley of south Texas alone.

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