With His “Extremist” Military Purge Underway Biden Endorses “Extremist” Internet Purge

“One extremist is one too many,” Bishop Garrison “the man tasked by the Biden administration with fighting “extremism” in the military.”

Are you now or have you ever been an “Extremist”?

What is the definition of “Extremist”?

We know one when we see one. Answer the question.

Bishop Garrison: Biden’s Racist Tool for a Military Purge …

When Governor Ron DeSantis told Florida voters not to “monkey this up”, Garrison replied, “it was absolutely racist. To defend the statement is to defend racism.” But Garrison also defended the Portland Antifa rioters, insisting that the riots were a “peace demonstration against racism”.

Garrison had previously accused President Trump of “normalizing” extremists. “Support for him, a racist, is support for ALL his beliefs,” he had ranted. But he defended Rep. Ilhan Omar and Rep. Rashida Tlaib as women of color “facing racism led by the President of the United States.”

The Patriot Act, passed after 9/11 to enable the surveillance of international terrorists, subsequently was secretly reinterpreted to allow the dragnet bulk collection of domestic call records, which was exposed in 2013 and ended by legislation.

The new document says “the Department of Justice is examining carefully what new authorities might be necessary and appropriate.”

White House calls Capitol riot ‘terrorist attack,’ endorses ‘extremist’ internet purge

By Steven Nelson June 15, 2021

The White House on Tuesday released a report that designates the Jan. 6 Capitol riot a “domestic terrorist attack” and endorses an internet purge of “extremist” content.

The description is likely to draw stiff disagreement from allies of former President Donald Trump who say that the riot, which disrupted certification of President Biden’s victory, has been used to facilitate political censorship.

The Biden administration report also calls for beefed up cooperation between the feds and private internet companies and requests the Justice Department to review whether to request a new anti-domestic terrorism law.


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