Pandemic Continues To Cause A Spike In People Shooting People In Democrat Run American Cities For Unknown Reasons The Pandemic Has Not Similarly Affected Rural America

Democrats Begin Worrying About the Politics of Rising Crime

May 25, 2021 – Like many other American cities, Atlanta is struggling with a spike in violent crime, including a 58 percent increase in homicides last year — the likely result, researchers say, of the pandemic’s strain on at-risk populations, as well as institutions like courts and police departments.

Tucker Carlson: Our Malicious Leaders Blame Rising Crime On Coronavirus…

The Mayor Blames the Virus for Shootings.

This is the latest brazen act of violence in New York City – where shootings have skyrocketed since the pandemic gripped the country.

Shocking moment gunman misses two children by inches as he repeatedly shoots victim amid NYC’s violent crime explosion

  • A masked gunman opened fire in the Bronx Thursday evening and nearly shot two innocent children in the process 
  • The victim, a man in a red sweater who police believe was the intended targeted, is seen in surveillance footage trampling the kids when he tried to run away
  • At one point, all three were on the ground and trying to avoid the hail of gunfire
  • The man was shot multiple times but is still alive, according to the NYPD
  • Both children were miraculously unharmed and have no relation to the victim
  • Crime continues to soar in New York City, and the violence is becoming more brazen and public  

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