Colorado cop was shot dead in an ‘ambush’

Joe Biden said there is “absolutely” systemic racism in law enforcement, arguing that he believes the problem exists “across the board.”

Joe Biden: Cops Don’t Pull Over White Girls

Colorado cop was shot dead in an ‘ambush’ by gunman, 59, who had expressed hatred of law enforcement – as police identify ‘true hero’ civilian who was also killed in the attack

By Snejana Farberov For 17:17 23 Jun 2021

  • Arvada Police Officer Gordon Beesley, 51, was killed Monday in what officials described as a ‘targeted’ ambush attack
  • Authorities say gunman, 59-year-old Ronald Tryoke, expressed hatred for police officers and shot Beesley because he was wearing a uniform and badge
  • Shooting also claimed life of Good Samaritan John Hurley, 40, who was described by police as ‘a true hero’
  • Witness claimed it was Hurley who confronted Troyke and shot him after urging bystanders to seek shelter, though police have not confirmed it 

A veteran Colorado police officer who shot dead along with a ‘hero’ civilian in an attack at a suburban Denver shopping district was ambushed by a suspect who expressed hatred toward law enforcement, authorities said.

Arvada Police Officer Gordon Beesley, 51, ‘was targeted because he was wearing an Arvada police uniform and a badge,’ police Chief Link Strate said at a news conference on Tuesday. ‘Officer Beasley was ambushed by someone who expressed hatred of police officers.’

Strate also did not explain what prompted Monday’s shootout, which also killed 40-year-old John Hurley, whom authorities have described as a ‘Samaritan.’

Without elaborating on what he did, Strate called Hurley, of Golden, a ‘true hero who likely disrupted what could have been a larger loss of life.’ 

Witness Bill Troyanos told The Denver Channel it was Hurley who shot the gunman after making sure bystanders in the area were safe. 

Troyanos said he was working at a store when Hurley walked in just before 1.15pm on Monday.

After just a few minutes of looking at the merchandise, Hurley heard gunshots and saw the gunman outside. Troyanos said Hurley then drew his gun that he had in a holster, rushed out of the store and ran toward the gunfire.


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