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“US has lowest levels of public trust in media”

US has lowest levels of public trust in media among 46 countries: Reuters survey

Opinion | Time to take on the Covington ‘smirk’ –

Opinion | Harris won’t stop her ‘smirk.’

Hot Damn “Man I’ll Tell You What, Look At Her…”

Biden goes viral for ‘creepy’ moment complimenting young girl during speech: Looks 19 ‘with her legs crossed’

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Joe Biden Shocks with ‘Creepy’ Whispering Press Conference

Joe Biden Shocks with ‘Creepy’ Whispering Press Conference

“Evanston, Illinois is having a Juneteenth Parade and a Gay Pride Parade, but is cancelling the 4th of July Parade & Fireworks.”

Illinois city of Evanston CANCELS July 4th parade over COVID-19 concerns but allows Juneteenth and Pride celebrations to take place in-person Evanston Fourth of July Association have cancelled…

“…newsrooms are filled with former FBI operatives, CIA agents, and other former employees of the security state.”

Despite months of violent rioting, looting, vandalism, assault and murder by left-wing extremists, not to mention unprovoked attacks on white people, FBI Director Christopher Wray claimed during a congressional hearing… that acts motivated by white supremacy still comprise the majority of domestic terrorism in America.

[Wray] declined to provide any specific numbers, saying, “I don’t have the numbers for you.”

Indiana Grandma Sentenced To No Jail Time For Role In ‘Insurrection’

January 6 “is being exploited to launch a new domestic War on Terror

Questions About the FBI’s Role in 1/6 Are Mocked Because the FBI Shapes Liberal Corporate Media

The FBI has been manufacturing and directing terror plots and criminal rings for decades. But now, reverence for security state agencies reigns.

Glenn Greenwald – June 18, 2021

The axis of liberal media outlets and their allied activist groups— CNN, NBC News, The Washington Post, Media Matters — are in an angry uproar over a recent report questioning the foreknowledge and involvement of the FBI in the January 6 Capitol riot. As soon as that new report was published on Monday, a consensus instantly emerged in these liberal media precincts that this is an unhinged, ignorant and insane conspiracy theory that deserves no consideration.

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