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Pennsylvania officially lifts indoor face mask mandate

Levine’s culpability in the deaths of many thousands of elderly Pennsylvanians should have rendered the doctor unfit for office. Rather than Levine’s transgender status being incidental to the appointment, it’s easy to see it’s not merely the reason the doctor was tapped for the appointment out of all the health officials in the country but is also the only thing that protected Levine from his awful conduct as health secretary in Pennsylvania.

Amid the COVID-19 panic, the country needed Biden to appoint people to lead HHS with records of competence, not a scandal-plagued diversity pick. But in Rachel Levine, that’s exactly what he chose.

[PA Secretary of Health] Levine says while the state is relying on the public to follow the order, police have the authority to issue warnings or citations to anyone who does not comply. But police say they’re in the dark.

Rachel Levine’s Only Qualification Was Punching The Diversity Ticket

Levine skated through five years in state government without much controversy while being celebrated as an LGBT hero and getting adoring coverage from corporate media outlets. Once the spread of COVID-19 put the spotlight on Levine, however, it quickly became clear that, far from being a medical or administrative genius, Levine was just another Democrat bureaucrat using the pandemic to seize powers.

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Why Would You Represent A Country You Hate: SJW And US Olympic Hammer Thrower “pissed” US National Anthem Was Played

Olympic hammer thrower Gwen Berry turns back to US flag

1 day ago Olympic hammer thrower Gwen Berry ‘pissed’ national anthem was playing at Olympic trials … “I feel like it was a set-up, and they did it on purpose,” Berry said of the anthem being ..

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74% of Pennsylvania Voters Approve of Voter ID But Not Radical BLM Advocate And PA Gov. Tom Wolf

Radical BLM advocate and PA Gov. Tom Wolf leads protest against the police during his ordered lockdown.

Wolf is also ignoring new polling from Franklin & Marshall College, which shows that Pennsylvania voters believe election reform is necessary. Among voters polled, 81% favor signature matching for mail-in ballots and 74% approve of voter identification requirements – both tenets of HB 1300. 

…democracy fails if voters don’t believe the elections are conducted fairly.

Op-Ed: PA Gov. Attacks Lawmakers’ Sensible Election Reforms

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