“ANALYSIS: Polls Show One Thing Very Clearly: Nearly Everyone, Minorities Included, Wants Voter ID”

“74% of Pennsylvanians who responded, favored requirements that all voters show a photo ID,” Ward said.

But Not Proponents Of Voter Fraud

With Wolf promising to veto voter ID bills, legislature pushes constitutional amendment

Senate Bill 735 is a constitutional amendment requiring voters to present ID every time they cast a ballot. Sen. Judy Ward (R-Blair) admits it’s her reaction to Governor Wolf promising to veto a voter ID bill. “We were left with no choice but to place the issue on the ballot in the form of a constitutional amendment,” Ward said.

To Republicans, it’s no big deal and they note Democrats argued for requiring proof of a vaccine to get in places. “But the same members will continue to fight tooth and nail against simply showing a photo ID to cast a vote at the polls. Ask yourself why that is,” Sen. Mike Regan (R-York, Cumberland) said.

The earliest that amendment will be on the ballot for you to decide is May of 2023.

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