Biden cheers removal of Robert E. Lee statue in Charlottesville

‘Person flying it is a racist,’ Utah Black Lives Matter says of those who fly American flag

May 14, 2021 – President Biden… issued an executive order that revokes a handful of orders from former President Trump, including several tied to the defacement and vandalism of public monuments amid last year’s racial justice protests.

Mr. Biden’s order negates an order from June 2020 that made it the policy of the United States to prosecute people to the “fullest extent” of the law if they damage or deface public property.

Biden cheers removal of Robert E. Lee statue in Charlottesville

New York Daily News on|14 hours ago President Biden said through a spokesperson that he “welcomes” the removal of the controversial statue and a separate monument of Gen. Stonewall Jackson

This is an UPDATED compilation of all of Joe Biden’s public racist remarks for the past forty-seven years (who knows what he’s said in private if this is his public record), and some commentary by some of his closest Black friends.

Thomas Jefferson monument bashers no better than the Taliban

First they came for the Confederate statues, then they came for Columbus, now Jefferson. In Portland, a statue of George Washington was felled by a furious mob of bloody-minded progressives.

Let us be completely clear. There is no discernable difference between leftists tearing down statues of Jefferson and Washington and the Taliban destroying Buddhist temples. None, zero, zip.

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