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“Fulton County Georgia Recount Included 60% Error Reporting Rate — THOUSANDS of Fraudulent Biden Votes”

But it is not simply a case of errors. The VoterGA team found 7 falsified audit tally sheets containing fabricated vote totals for their respective batches. For example, a batch containing 59 actual ballot images for Joe Biden, 42 for Donald Trump and 0 for Jo Jorgenson was reported as 100 for Biden and 0 for Trump. The seven batches of ballot images with 554 votes for Joe Biden, 140 votes for Donald Trump and 11 votes for Jo Jorgenson had tally sheets in the audit falsified to show 850 votes for Biden, 0 votes for Trump and 0 votes for Jorgenson.

BREAKING: VoterGA Releases Explosive New Report: Fulton County Georgia Recount Included 60% Error Reporting Rate — THOUSANDS of Fraudulent Biden Votes

By Jim Hoft – Published July 13, 2021 at 9:14am

On Monday night Garland Favorito, the founder of the election integrity group VoterGA, announced he will hold a press conference on Tuesday morning.

VoterGA will review highlights of its amended ballot inspection complaint and provide proof that election fraud occurred in the November 2020 election.

The press conference will start at 10:30 AM Eastern.

Garland told The Gateway Pundit on Monday that he expects the news will be on the Bannon War Room on Tuesday morning.


“Houston man propped up by CNN for standing in long line to vote, gets arrested for illegally voting”

20-30% of Democrats believe the election was stolen from Trump… Those that challenge the election are, “the most Un-American… undemocratic…, unpatriotic…” U.S. President Joe Biden (D)

‘Have you no shame?’: Biden decries ‘Big Lie’

Tue., July 13, 2021, 8:10 p.m., Philadelphia, PA

For those to challenge the results and question the integrity of the election. No other election has ever been held under such scrutiny, and such high standards. The ‘big lie’ is just that: A big lie… That’s not statesmanship. That’s selfishness. That’s not democracy – it’s the denial of the right to vote. It suppresses it. It subjugates it. The denial of free and fair elections is the most un-American thing that any of us can imagine. The most undemocratic, the most unpatriotic and sadly not unprecedented.” U.S. President Joe Biden, (D-Scranton)

Sep 26, 2019 – Hillary Clinton dismissed President Trump as an “illegitimate president” and suggested that “he knows” that he stole the 2016 presidential election in a CBS News interview to be aired Sunday.

Rasmussen poll: 20-30% of Democrats believe the election was stolen from Trump…

Why are Democrats so scared of Trump when they just beat him?

Feb 4, 2021 – As political pollster Rasmussen tweeted Wednesday, a lot of voters agree with Trump that the election process in America is deeply flawed: “Almost half of ALL VOTERS are concerned about US election integrity: – President Trump left office w/ a job approval of 51%. – 47% of ALL VOTERS believe there was election fraud in Nov 2020. – 45% of ALL VOTERS want a debate on election integrity.”

In a normal America, does a defeated presidential incumbent pose such a threat to the party in power that he must be impeached after leaving office, to ensure he doesn’t win back the White House in four years?

A normal, secure, sensible Congress would be moving to make sure voting is trustworthy, installing safeguards to reassure those with doubts. But we don’t have a normal, secure, sensible Congress. That’s too bad for everybody.