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“473 pursuits since… 7/15. Wild dash cam footage from Texas DPS shows a trooper in a recent pursuit of a human smuggler here in Del Rio.”

While “Infections Surge” Among Biden’s Illegal Aliens Pouring Across Our Border Fauci Assails Unvaccinated Americans Says CDC May Tell Americans To Wear Masks Again

Fauci says CDC may tell people to wear masks again because unvaccinated people are taking country ‘in wrong direction’

“This is under active consideration,” Fauci said on CNN. “It’s not going to be good. We’re going in the wrong direction.”

Fauci Has ‘Nothing to Do with Border’ as Immigrants Enter …

Apr 5, 2021 – Anthony Fauci Has ‘Nothing to Do with Border’ While 10% of Incoming Foreigners Have Coronavirus. Dr. Anthony Fauci believes he has “nothing to do with the border” crisis as foreign nationals enter the country with a ten percent coronavirus positivity rate.

But Fauci Does Believe He Has Something To Do With The 2nd Amendment: Fauci asks ‘how can gun violence not be a public health issue…

30% of immigrants in ICE custody have refused a coronavirus vaccine

ICE did not provide the exact numbers of immigrants who were offered the shot but declined. But the 30% figure has been shared internally, according to sources familiar.

  • There have been nearly 20,000 COVID-19 cases and nine deaths among ICE detainees , according to agency data.

Vaccines must be offered to the illegal aliens not immediately released and bused into our communities across America.

Vaccination rate among immigrants held by ICE remains low as infections surge

…ICE must offer the vaccine immediately to anyone they refuse to release.”

Southern Poverty Law Center “a money grabbing slander machine”

The Southern Poverty Law Center is seizing on the left’s hard push to embed Critical Race Training in public education. They have rebranded their “Teaching Tolerance” program as “Learning for Justice” and are pushing Biden to implement a “curriculum on structural racism” in the Department of Education.

Biden’s Department of Defense to partner with Southern …

Biden’s Department of Defense to partner with Southern Poverty Law Center on tackling ‘extremism’ The White House is ignoring the fact the SPLC inspired a would-be mass shooter and paid millions in damages after defaming innocent people as radicals.