Pennsylvania Rep. Margo Davidson, D-Delaware Charged With Misuse of Campaign Funds

Why Do They Hate The Police?

Politician’s hitmen clean out ‘drug warehouse’ while she curses out voters on Facebook

February 26, 2019 Modified September 3, 2020

Disgraced Delaware County State Representative Margo Davidson (D, Pa.) decided ‘enough was enough’, gutting her entire house before her sons are let out of jail.
» Her sons, Joel, 26, and Robert, 21, are both incarcerated at George W. Hill Correctional Facility for separate drug cases.

Rep. Davidson faced her own woes after repeatedly ramming a taxpayer-funded vehicle into multiple cars on a suspended license.

The shamed stateswoman took to social media Thursday to curse out a constituent for simply asking why she continues to drive on a suspended license.

“F*** YOU!” the high ranking official told Rob Worthington, a Delaware County local on Facebook.

Police: Delco Rep. Margo Davidson fled car accident, drove …

A police source said Davidson allegedly fled the scene of a crash Jan. 11. In addition to being charged with driving with a suspended license, she was cited for failing to notify police of the accident, drive a vehicle at safe speed, and give information and render aid.

“The time of brutalizing African Americans has not stopped, and we’re saying it’s time, because we cannot breathe.” Rep. Margo Davidson, D-Delaware.

Legislators commandeer House to demand action on policing

Jun 8, 2020


Black Democrats in the Pennsylvania House preempted the day’s business to call for changes to policing, displaying a Black Lives Matter banner and commandeering the podium for about 90 minutes at the start of a voting session Monday.

The dramatic takeover went on pause when the Republican speaker said that he would consider putting proposals up for votes and that he supports a special session the protesters had sought to consider the legislation. Advertisement

The protesters unfurled the banner at the dais and vowed they would not leave without movement on proposals to ban chokeholds, improve tracking of officers who have engaged in misconduct, and widen access to police video.


As the session was scheduled to begin at 1 p.m., the House-controlled camera feed suddenly pivoted away from the front of the chamber, where the speaker sits, so the cameras did not show the action.

About that time, a Facebook feed from Democratic Whip Jordan Harris, D-Philadelphia, showed members had taken over the rostrum and were speaking passionately about the racial injustice protests and demonstrations that have occurred over the May 25 death of George Floyd at the hands of Minneapolis police.

“Can you imagine the anguish that black Americans feel, having seen this video time and time again, throughout generations?” asked Rep. Margo Davidson, D-Delaware. “The time of brutalizing African Americans has not stopped, and we’re saying it’s time, because we cannot breathe.”


House Speaker Mike Turzai, R-Allegheny, took the microphone and said the protesters were raising legitimate issues.

“We live in challenging times,” Turzai said, describing himself as a 60-year-old white man. “I understand silence is not the answer for what is happening.”


Rep. Margo Davidson – Police Reform in PA | Facebook

Davidson calls on Delco police officer to step down

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