While Federal, State And City Agencies Implement Vaccination Requirement For Employment And Calls For American Children To Wear Masks “massive” Groups of COVID+ Unvaccinated Aliens Continue To Flood The Country

Biden says children under 12 likely to have to wear masks at school and vaccines could b…

California and New York City will require government workers to get COVID vaccine o…

Illegal Border Crossings Continue to Spike, as Do COVID …

https://georgiastarnews.com/2021/07/27/illegal-border-crossings-continue-to-spike-as-do-covid-cases/ Illegal Border Crossings Continue to Spike, as Do COVID Cases. Rio Grande Valley Sector Chief Patrol Agent Brian Hastings reported that his sector at the Texas-Mexico border alone took into custody more than 15,000 illegal immigrants in one week, the most so far this year. In the same sector, agents saw a 900% increase in those being detained …

Covid on the Border: Migrants Aren’t Tested on Arrival in …

https://www.nytimes.com/2021/04/28/us/coronavirus-migrants-testing.htmlApr 28, 2021The Border Patrol says it has insufficient time and space to conduct coronavirus testing at crowded processing stations. Officials in border cities fear further spread of the virus.

Sheriffs: Up to 50% of migrants captured have COVID, want border secured

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