The Left Uses The Police As A Tool

The Left’s Many January 6ths

A compendium: The left trying to hold January 6th as relative to the year(s) of lawless violence and destruction is the original “whataboutism.”

Dana Loesch July 27, 2021

The left loves police again — when they aren’t trying to defund them, paint the lot of them with the actions of the few, or accuse them all of being racist bigots. Their temporary appreciation was on display today for the first hearing on the January 6th riot wherein four officers described how they were treated like how Antifa and BLM usually treat cops at their riots and Adam Kinzinger used his airtime to audition for MSNBC.

It’s not enough to say that the violent rioters who broke away from the peaceful January 6th assembly should face charges for property damages or assault — you are required to accept without question the Democrat narrative that the break-away riot was an insurrection or you’re classified as a supporter of insurrections and a hater of law enforcement.

We are to believe that an unarmed troupe of “gravy seals” and a buffalo cosplayer living out “Red Dawn” fantasies and taking selfies in the chamber almost commandeered our nuclear subs and overthrew our government.


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