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Life Outside The U.S. Capitol: “Chicago shooting leaves 1 police officer dead, another wounded”

Chicago shooting leaves 1 police officer dead, another wounded; 2 suspects nabbed: reports

Capitol “riot” Survivor And Corporate Legacy Media’s “hero cop” Michael Fanone

More Than 2,000 Officers Injured in Summer’s Protests and …

Playgirl denies asking Capitol riot officer Michael Fanone to pose naked

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Biden Promised His Voters He Would Not Deport Drunk-Driving Illegal Aliens California Gov. Says Not Being Vaccinated Is Like Drunk-Driving Because You Are Putting “everybody else’s life at risk.”

Joe Biden Says ICE Shouldn’t Deport Drunk-Driving Illegal Aliens…

Joe Biden Promises Sanctuary for Drunk-Driving Illegals

Jan 21, 2020 – Joe Biden told Vice News that he would not seek to deport drunk driving illegal migrants. Immigration agents should “only arrest for the purpose of dealing with a felony that’s committed [in the United States], and I don’t count drunk driving as a felony,” Biden told his interviewers Jan. 20.

“CNN Chinese Propagandist Demands Life Needs to Be Hard for Unvaccinated”

CNN Chinese Propagandist Demands Life Needs to Be Hard for Unvaccinated

July 11, 2021 | sundance | 265 Comments

CNN Medical Analyst Leanna Wen was born in Shanghai, China. She is a fellow at the CCP propaganda outlet The Brookings Institute where many of the U.S-Chinese propagandists are spawned. During a recent CNN segment Ms. Wen says life ‘Needs to Be Hard‘ for unvaccinated Americans.

Keep in mind this a point of advocacy from CNN the corporate media outlet. Ms. Wen does not hold any position in the U.S. government; her opinions and demands are specifically those positions of the media outlet that pays her to promote them. This is CNN, and this is also why most Americans despise CNN.  WATCH:


…And You Must Be Dopey

Fauci-Led Agency Funded Abusive Animal Experiments Promising To Kill Dozens Of Beagles

The National Institute of Allergy and Infectious Diseases (NIAID), under the leadership of Dr. Anthony Fauci, is granting taxpayer funds for abusive animal experimentation, according to documents unearthed by a government watchdog group.

NIAID directed $424,455 to researchers at the University of Georgia in September 2020 to infect dozens of beagles with disease-causing parasites in order to test an experimental drug on them

Cuomo sent 6,300 COVID-19 patients to nursing homes amid …

NY nursing home COVID deaths 50% higher than stated: AG probe

Even bigger lies by Cuomo to cover up nursing home scandal

Flashback: Fauci praised NY’s response to COVID-19: ‘They …