In Biden’s War With DeSantis Biden’s CDC With No Explanation Admits It Inflated Florida’s COVID Cases

Biden’s war on DeSantis is about kneecapping a GOP governor

The number of migrants crossing our southern border continues to break records, crime is surging and the COVID vaccination effort has stalled. So naturally, the White House spent the past week picking fights with Florida Gov. Ron DeSantis.

President Biden said of DeSantis’ refusal to implement vaccine passports, “I say to these governors: Please help, but [if] you aren’t going to help, at least get out of the way.” 

When the Northeast suffered a second COVID wave in the winter of 2020-2021, the buck stopped with the president — not Gov. Cuomo (D), or New Jersey’s Gov. Phil Murphy (D) or Pennsylvania’s Gov. Tom Wolf (D).

Gov. Rob DeSantis clashes with Biden over Florida’s rise …

Aug 5, 2021 – President Biden is blaming Florida Gov. Ron DeSantis’ handling of Florida’s rising numbers in COVID-19 cases.

CDC admits it DID overcount Florida’s COVID cases: Agency revises down state’s weekend numbers from 28,000 to 19,000 but offers no explanation after falsely claiming ‘record’ infections

  • CDC has revised Florida’s COVID-19 figures after the state Department of Health accused the agency of overcounting Sunday’s totals
  • The federal health agency reported a new record of more than 28,000 cases on Sunday
  • Florida’s DOH accused the CDC of combining multiple days’ worth of data into one and that the true figure is really 15,000, which is an overcount of 15,000
  • The state reported 56,000 cases from Friday to Sunday and it is believed that the CDC split the total over two days – Saturday and Sunday – rather than three days
  • The CDC’s updated Covid numbers, reporting 19,000 on Sunday, are still higher than the figures published by the DOH   
  • Florida no longer reports daily COVID-19 cases, instead publicly revealing weekly counts every Friday 

By Mansur Shaheen For Dailymail.Com

Published: 12:02 EDT, 11 August 2021 | Updated: 17:10 EDT, 11 August 2021

The Centers for Disease Control and Prevention (CDC) has quietly updated Florida’s COVID-19 figures after accusations of overcounting earlier this week.

On Monday, the Florida Department of Health (DOH) accused the CDC of misreporting the state’s weekend COVID-19 numbers.

The federal health agency had posted that 28,317 new Covid cases were recorded in The Sunshine State on Sunday, a record-high that was reported by multiple media outlets.


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