Chicago Mayor And Police Superintendent Refer To Murdered Chicago Police Officer Ella French As “Ella Franks” And “Ella Fitzgerald”

The gun used by the criminal to murder Officer Ella French was illegally possessed? It’s almost as if the criminal doesn’t care about gun laws. Maybe the criminal should have still been locked up for robbery or if not for violating his probation?

Suspect in killing of Officer Ella French was out of jail despite being charged in April with serious hit-and-run while on probation for robbery

Man who ‘supplied gun’ to two brothers charged in Chicago cop Ella French’s killing is RELEASED after he posts $4,500 bond

Jamel Danzy, 29, walked free on Wednesday after U.S Magistrate Judge Jeffery Gilbert gave him a $4,500 unsecured bond on charges in relation to the fatal shooting of Officer Ella French.

Lightfoot snaps at reporters after being questioned about attempt to cancel tribute to murdered police officer

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