Our Strategy Is…??? There Does Seem To Be A Pattern

President George W. Bush: “Our strategy is this: We will fight them over there so we do not have to face them in the United States of America…”

Iraqi Refugee Resettlement – United States Department of State

Between October 1, 2006 and November 30, 2011, the US admitted over 62,000 Iraqi refugees for resettlement. During the same time period, the Department of State’s Bureau of Consular Affairs issued more than 9,000 special immigrant visas (SIVs) through the program for Iraqi translators and interpreters who assisted the United States.

White supremacy ‘most lethal’ threat to America, Biden says

Somalis have Changed Minneapolis – American Thinker

99% Muslim, 43,000 Somali refugees settled in US under …

The Obama administration resettled 8,858 Somali refugees in the United States last year, and nearly 43,000 during Obama’s eight years, a huge number that is now raising concerns after a Somali …

Somalis finding their place in Minnesota

“It’s the biggest Somali community in North America, possibly in the world outside of East Africa,” he said. “It’s like the cultural hub of the Somali diaspora, you could say.” Around 150,000…

Claims DNA match proves Ilhan Omar married her brother …

Persistent claims that leftist congresswoman Ilhan Omar married her own brother to get around US immigration laws may be legitimized by what appears to be a conclusive DNA test. The results of the …

Article: Vietnamese Immigrants in the United States …

Large-scale immigration from Vietnam to the United States began at the end of the Vietnam War, when the fall of Saigon in 1975 led to the U.S.-sponsored evacuation of an estimated 125,000 Vietnamese refugees.

The Biggest Sex-Trafficking Bust in FBI History Was …

WOSU. In the press, it was a “wide-reaching sex-trafficking operation” run by Somali Muslim gangs who forced “girls as young as 12” to sell sex in Minnesota and Tennessee.In reality, the operation …

How US covered up Saudi role in 9/11 – New York Post

Apr 17, 2016 – Co-conspirators were let off the hook. … with President Bush in the White House, where the two old family friends shared cigars on the Truman Balcony, the FBI evacuated dozens of Saudi officials …

Bush to Americans on Illegal Immigrants: You Should Be Thanking and Welcoming Them

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