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DHS Lists Some Potential Terror Threats

DHS Labels Opponents of ‘COVID Measures’ as ‘Potential Terror Threats’ During Protests

DHS issued a warning saying that the Jan. 6 attack had “emboldened” white supremacist extremists and that the threat of violent attacks would likely remain high throughout the year. That’s led to a sprawling DOJ investigation into the matter, as FBI agents continue to pore over video from the attack to try to identify rioters.

The Biden administration has said that it will make combatting domestic violent extremism a priority.

DHS Warns BLM That Protests Are ‘Likely’ Target Of Far-right Extremists

Josh Kovensky 5/14/2021

The Department of Homeland Security released a new terrorism bulletin on Friday, warning that far-right extremists are likely to consider attacking protests against police brutality.

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All The Flags Come Down At U.S. Embassy In Kabul

‘Woke’ Gen. Mark Milley, in July: ‘Afghan Security Forces …

1 day ago ‘Woke’ Gen. Mark Milley, in July: Afghan Military Can Defend Country; Biden Prioritized LGBT Agenda in Afghanistan as Terrorists Took Over; Biden’s Saigon: Videos Reveal Utter Chaos at Kabul Airport; Taliban Declares Victory, ‘Islamic Emirate of Afghanistan’ Biden Sends Another 1K Forces to Kabul for Total of 6K amid Chaos

Biden State Department signals support for BLM flag to be …

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