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Tucker: We are led by buffoons, everything they touch turns to chaos

May 2021 Biden’s DOD: “The US Army… with a new recruitment video that uses the tale of a queer family…”

Biden’s Secretary of Defense Is Moving to Purge the Military of White Supremacists

White Male Privilege: 85 Percent of US Soldiers Who Died In Afghanistan Were White

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CNN Reporter in Kabul: “They’re Just Chanting ‘Death to America’ But They Seem Friendly at the Same Time”

“So there’s no US actions being taken to prevent equipment from falling into the hands of the Taliban by destroying it or anything else?” U.S. Army Major General Hank Taylor: “I don’t have the answer to that question.”

The Answer To That Question:

Taliban seizes US military equipment including drones, humvees and MRAPs

Taliban Shows off Seized US Weapons, Night Vision, Radios …

Taliban Shows off Seized US Weapons, Night Vision, Radios & Equipment Due to Joe Biden’s Military Failure, being called one of the worst Negligent Military Decisions in the History of the Country.

Taliban now ‘world’s most heavily armed terror group’ after seizing ‘motherload of US tanks, humvees and weapons

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“While Taliban rose to power, Biden administration prioritized [BLM and] LGBT agenda in foreign policy”

May 29, 2021 – The BLM flag flown at the Athens embassy was reportedly so enormous it covered the United States seal.

US Embassy Seoul, South Korea

BLM leader threatens to ‘burn the White House down’ and put police ‘in f***ing graves’

Black Lives Matter led to record number of mass shootings …

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“ample basis to investigate the nursing home response in New York, Pennsylvania, Michigan, and New Jersey”

The lawmakers told Durbin the “decision not to pursue potential civil rights violations in states with high-profile Democrat governors raises serious concerns that the Biden administration is acting based on politics, not the law.”

GOP Senators Call for Hearing on Nursing Home Deaths in States With Democratic Governors

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“Taliban’s official spokesman has an active Twitter account. Meanwhile, the former President of the United States remains banned.”