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Even With New China Flu Voting Rules?: “Stunning Poll Reveals Trump Would Win Election Held Today, As Nearly 1 In 10 Democrats Regret Their 2020 Vote.”

China The Taliban And Biden

“Beijing doesn’t necessarily place the same emphasis on factors the US sees as central to the future of Afghanistan…”

Left-wing slammed again for flying Pride flag at the U.S. Embassy in Afghanistan

The U.S. Embassy in Kabul faced backlash for flying the Pride flag during June, and amidst the Taliban’s swift takeover of Afghanistan, people are taking a look at left-wing goals through a different lens.

VIDEO: Joe Biden mocks China threat – ‘They’re not bad folks…

Is Afghanistan Sitting on $3 Trillion Worth of Mineral Wealth?

A USGS assessment in 2007 estimated that Afghanistan’s mineral resources. A few years later, the value of those resources may have been $1 trillion. Now it could be worth three times that amount.

China and the Taliban Begin Their Romance | RAND

China prepares to recognize Taliban if it topples Afghan …

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Lou Barletta Pledges to End Sanctuary Cities in Pennsylvania if Elected Governor

“Law enforcement officials are able to cite Pennsylvanians who aren’t wearing a mask in public.” Illegal immigrant advocate and PA Gov. Tom Wolf

Wolf’s World: Police are forbidden from inquiring if someone is in the country illegally, but police are able to cite Pennsylvanians for not following Wolf’s unilateral mask edict.

An illegal alien has been arrested for allegedly murdering a woman in front of her children in the sanctuary jurisdiction of Chester County, Pennsylvania.

Democratic Pennsylvania Gov. Tom Wolf praised the new rules, claiming it “provides clear direction for state troopers.” The governor was joined by other pro-immigration groups that lauded the guidelines.

New Policy Forbids Pennsylvania Cops From Arresting People For Being An Illegal Immigrant

February 05, 2019 – Police across the state of Pennsylvania have been slapped with severe restrictions when it comes to dealing with suspected illegal immigrants…

“We have to protect the Pennsylvania workers, without question. Illegal immigration cost — just last year — cost Pennsylvania taxpayers $1.38 billion, 1.38 billion,” Barletta contended. “So when we’re saying, ‘Where are we going to get the money for our infrastructure? Where are we going to get the money for our education for our children? Where are we going to get the money to do some of the things in our communities?’ Let’s start with almost one and a half billion dollars just by cracking down on illegal immigration. … Now how do you provide services to people who are not paying taxes? There’s nothing good about illegal immigration, and we’re going to make sure we’re protecting legal immigrants, legal Pennsylvania workers, and as far as advertising to come to Pennsylvania if you’re in the country illegally, that’s going to end.”

Exclusive: Lou Barletta Pledges to End Sanctuary Cities in Pennsylvania if Elected Governor

by Ashley Oliver15 Aug 2021

Former Rep. Lou Barletta (R-PA), who is running for governor in Pennsylvania, vowed during an interview on SiriusXM’s Breitbart News Saturday to rid the state of sanctuary policies should he win his race.

Barletta, who gained attention during his decade-long tenure as Hazleton mayor for his fight against illegal migration, said banning sanctuary jurisdictions would be his first priority in responding to the current flood of illegal migrants at the southern border.

“The first and foremost thing would be to stop sanctuary cities,” Barletta said. “You want to talk about a magnet to draw people in to the state of Pennsylvania?”

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“When you declare yourself a sanctuary city, you are literally advertising that you can come here and we will protect you and you can go about your business. That will stop immediately when I become governor of Pennsylvania.” Former Rep. Lou Barletta

“We no longer know what we can and can’t do. In either case, you may be criminally charged for nothing more than what you have been trained to do within the law.” Baltimore Fraternal Order of Police Lodge No. 3 President Sgt. Mike Mancuso

Baltimore ignores Supreme Court, charges officer for not defending “victim” attacked by other man

Posted by: Gregory Hoyt|

BALTIMORE, MD – According to reports, a Baltimore Police officer has been charged with reckless endangerment and misconduct in office regarding an August 2020 incident where the officer allegedly failed to protect an unresponsive victim from an assault launched by another individual.

However, the charges against the officer raise serious questions based upon conflicts with established SCOTUS rulings and has attracted the scrutiny of the Fraternal Order of Police Lodge No. 3 president.

On August 12th, 2020, 25-year-old Baltimore Police Officer Christopher Nguyen was responding to an assault call within the 4200 block of Kolb Avenue.