New Hampshire 1987 “a number of the statements [Biden] made in defense of his intelligence would be proved false”

Biden insists no mistakes were made in US exit from Afghanistan…

The Very Long List Of the Many Times Joe Biden’s Been Caught In Major Lies

Although Biden succeeded in deflecting questions away from his academic record, it was only a short term victory. In fact, a number of the statements he made in defense of his intelligence would be proved false, and disastrously so, a few short months later.

As the Washington Post reported in September 1987, Biden was not a star student by any means during either his undergraduate or law school years.

Biden’s credibility was too damaged for the electorate in 1988

New Hampshire 1987: Joe Biden Assailed Teacher’s IQ, Compared Himself to MLK

by Haris Alic – 21 Aug 2019

Former Vice President Joe Biden lashed out at a teacher in the midst of his 1988 presidential run, attacking the man’s intelligence and comparing himself to Martin Luther King Jr. in the process.

The incident occurred during a New Hampshire meet and greet hosted by Biden’s campaign in April 1987. Joe Biden, then a 44-year-old U.S. senator waging his first bid for the White House, was asked by one the attendees, a local school teacher, to elaborate on his academic record in law school.

The question, which likely arose because of Biden’s frequent gaffes on the campaign trail and the yet-to-be-confirmed rumors of plagiarism, perturbed the candidate, as evidenced by a CSPAN video of the encounter.

“I think I probably have a much higher IQ than you do, I suspect,” Biden responded, wagging his finger at the questioner. “I went to law school on a full academic scholarship, the only one in my class to have a full academic scholarship.


Biden’s “undergraduate academic records show that he graduated from [the University of] Delaware 506th in a class of 688 with a ‘C’ average,” the Post noted. Neither did he graduate with three bachelors degrees as claimed but rather a “dual major in history and political science.”

It also emerged that Biden had not only lied about receiving a full ride to law school, but he fell far short of being in the top half of his class — ranking 76 out of 85.

More troublingly, though, was that Biden had been caught plagiarizing in law school. For a legal methods course, Biden lifted five pages from a published law review article and submitted them “without quotation or citation” in his own 15-page paper.


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