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Negotiators working on police reform legislation in Congress have dropped considerations on changing or eliminating “qualified immunity,”

“The winner of Luzerne County in presidential races has carried PA every election since 1936. Trump still won it over a lot of fraud.”

Any Republican in that time frame winning Luzerne County has also never failed to carry Michigan.

Elections Expert Seth Keshel Releases National Fraud Numbers: Finds 8.1 Million Excess Votes in US Election, Affirms Trump Won PA, MI, WI, NV, AZ, GA and MN

Seth Keshel S. Keshel – Declaration – Pennsylvania.pdf 76.4 KB Here is my formal declaration for Pennsylvania I wrote back in November.

I knew it was ugly and have been saying it was a slam dunk, 300-400k Trump state. Appears I was light and it may be about a half million.

Another fun fact on PA – the winner of Luzerne County in presidential races has carried PA every election since 1936. Trump still won it over a lot of fraud.

Any Republican in that time frame winning Luzerne County has also never failed to carry Michigan.

We will win.

Trump +6-8 pts. in PA. t.me/RealSKeshel/466 219.1K views


PA GOP Senator Holding Up Election Audit Changes Tune

Bannons War Room Published August 20, 2021 19,426 Views

“The FBI has found scant evidence that the Jan. 6 attack [aka “insurrection” which nearly toppled the U.S. government] on the U.S. Capitol was the result of an organized plot”

“violent riots night, after night, after night.” Congress Investigated One

Biden calls Capitol riots ‘worst attack on our democracy since the Civil War…

Given the history of the FBI, I think we can all agree on the most likely scenario. The FBI was deeply involved in orchestrating the events on January 6th, and the FBI would now like to see any inquiry into any process of “coordination” for those events quickly stopped. Hence, today the FBI proclaims there was no evidence of coordination.

FBI Starts Cover Story to Cloud Their Involvement in January 6th Events – Now Claim No Evidence of Coordination For J6 Insurrection

Comey tweets photo of himself in Biden-Harris swag: ‘Vote …

FBI Director James Comey is stirring the pot once again, tweeting a photo of himself with swag supporting former Vice President Joe Biden and his running mate, Sen. Kamala Harris of California.

“violent riots night, after night, after night.” Congress Investigated One

Sgt. Bratner Smith pointed to a July poll which found that nearly two-thirds (66%) of 996 likely voters said they think Congress should investigate the “574 protests that involved acts of violence, including assaults on police officers, looting and arson” last year.

National Police Association hits Congress for probing Jan. 6 attack while ‘ignoring’ 2020 violence

Warns of ‘unprecedented levels of gun violence’ unless Congress probes riots related to summer’s racial marches

By Emily Zantow – The Washington Times – Tuesday, July 27, 2021

The National Police Association is criticizing Congress for investigating the Jan. 6 Capitol riot while “ignoring” the hundreds of protests that turned violent last year.

“There were at least 574 violent riots in 2020, and yet today’s Congressional hearings are focusing on only one riot, January 6th, 2021, and hearing testimony from only a few of the police officers involved,” association spokeswoman Betsy Brantner Smith told The Washington Times on Tuesday.


“Again and again and again: yet another officer is violently attacked… by yet another illegal immigrant who was previously deported.”

Above The Law Somali-born Democrat Refugee On Mission To Make America More Like The Country Her Family Fled

Ilhan Omar Says America Shouldn’t Be a Country of White People…

Ilhan Omar compares America to Taliban

Ilhan Omar: Cops Are ‘Cancer’ That We Must ‘Amputate …

My choice’: Ilhan Omar becomes first to wear hijab in US …

Jan 3, 2019 – Twenty-three years after leaving a refugee camp in Kenya, Ilhan Omar on Thursday became the first member of the US Congress to wear a hijab. Rules were changed to allow Omar, a Muslim sworn in on …

Watchdogs Sound Alarm As Ilhan Omar Continues To Evade Financial Disclosure …

Ilhan Omar DID marry her brother … – Daily Mail Online

Only hours after Minnesota GOP operative Anton Lazarro posted online DNA evidence that allegedly shows Rep. Ilhan Omar was once married to her brother, the FBI busted him. 

FBI dodged Ilhan Omar-‘bro’ wed probe: Devine

By Miranda Devine August 15, 2021

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“52 percent said they were “not confident” that the 78-year-old commander-in-chief was physically and mentally up to the job”

Another poll shows Biden’s approval rating falling below 50 percent

By Mark Moore August 22, 2021

Support for President Biden slipped below 50 percent, according to a new poll released Sunday, which found he is underwater with Americans over his chaotic handling of the evacuation of US citizens from Afghanistan and rising COVID cases

The 49 percent job-approval rating and 48 percent disapproval rating in the NBC News poll are a drastic drop from the 53 percent approval rating and 39 percent disapproval rating he received in the survey in April.