“Nobody should, any longer, pretend that Joe Biden is fit to lead this nation.”

Biden’s National Security Adviser Exposed Another Biden Lie On Afghanistan…

Joe is an angry old man who does not like to be questioned. Part of that is due to his arrogance which is inherent in all liberals.

“The New York Times confirms what many of us suspected, that President Biden was informed of how the Taliban was likely to quickly reconquer Afghanistan, and he simply chose to lie to the American public.”

Joe Biden Is Who We Said He Was

By Dan McLaughlinAugust 21, 2021 6:30 AM

Nobody should, any longer, pretend that Joe Biden is fit to lead this nation.

Joe Biden has badly, visibly bungled America’s withdrawal from Afghanistan. He has compounded the problem with his sluggish and dishonest public statements. This has gone so badly that even people and institutions that are normally sympathetic to Biden and his party have noticed. American allies have been appalled, and vocal about it. What is slowly dawning on people is that Biden’s critics were right about him all along. Not since James Buchanan has America had a president who came so prepared by experience for the job, yet had so little clue how to do it. That reality will be shoved from consciousness soon enough by people with a professional stake in not acknowledging it, but a growing number of the American people are likely to remember. So will our allies and enemies around the world.

The Hollow Man

It was possible, if you did not look too closely, to construct a case on paper over the past year and a half for Joe Biden as an appropriate person to be president of the United States, commander in chief of its armed forces, and leader of the free world. Certainly, Biden did not lack for experience in high, national public office, exposing him to everything a man would need in order to be prepared for the job. He was a senator for 36 years, dating back to the closing days of the Vietnam War. He chaired the Senate Foreign Relations Committee twice, including during the post–9/11 era when Congress authorized the wars in Afghanistan and Iraq. He served two terms as vice president. He traveled to war zones and met scores of foreign leaders. Biden was also a man who came up from humble means and was seasoned by personal tragedy. One could characterize his years in office as the record of a public servant who values important institutions, took many mainstream positions, and showed a willingness and ability to work with people across the aisle.


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