While U.S. Sec. of Defense Lloyd Austin Searched For White Supremacists And JCC Gen. Mark A. Milley Learned About White Rage

...since World War II, the US has failed to decisively win any major war, whether in Korea, Vietnam or Iraq.

The US, the Taliban and the stunning defeat in Afghanistan

The Taliban victory is a major humiliation for the US…

Pentagon Orders Military-Wide ‘Stand-Down’ To Address …

Pentagon Orders Military-Wide ‘Stand-Down’ To Address ‘White Supremacy,’ Extremism In Ranks … U.S. Secretary of Defense Lloyd Austin has ordered all branches of the military to enact a “stand down” within the next 60 days so they can address supposed internal threats posed by white supremacy and other forms of extremism.

‘I Want To Understand White Rage’: Joint Chiefs Chairman Gen. Mark A. Milley Defends Teaching CRT, Rips ‘Offensive’ Criticisms Of ‘Woke’ US Military

“On the issue of critical race theory … I do think it’s important for those of us in uniform to be open-minded and be widely read … It is important that we train and we understand. And I want to understand white rage and I’m white and I want to understand it.

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