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Biden Admin Tying Up Some Loose Ends Of Biden’s Extraordinarily Successful Afghan Mission

A clueless Biden declares Afghan mission ‘extraordinary success”…

Taliban throws victory parade with US military equipment

Biden administration ERASES records of the $83 billion worth of weapons, training and aid given to Afghanistan’s armed forces since 2002 as the Taliban takes what was left into their possession

  • Federal agencies have been told to scrub public records that could be used by the Taliban to harm Washington’s Afghan allies
  • Reports and documents have been pulled from a string of websites detailing US spending in Afghanistan 
  • Jihadists have seized several major airbases, in Herat, Khost, Kunduz and Mazar-i-Sharif, and Kabul
  • They have proudly posted pictures of seized $6m Black Hawks and a $14m Hercules transport jet
  • The Taliban have been hunting for pilots from the disbanded Afghan Air Force to fly the vehicles
  • Before Kabul fell, planes and helicopters were disabled by US troops, while others were flown overseas
  • The jihadists have as many as 48 aircraft – it’s not clear how many planes or helicopters this breaks down to  
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America’s Newest Ally In The “War on Terror” The Taliban

20-Year U.S. War Ending as It Began, With Taliban Ruling …

Despite two decades of war with American-led forces, the Taliban have survived and thrived, without giving up their vision of creating a state governed by a stringent Islamic code.

Joint Chiefs chairman Gen. Mark Milley says cooperation with the Taliban to defeat ISIS-K ‘is possible’ and says work continues to get every American out of Afghanistan

Gen Milley, chairman of the joint chiefs of staff, on Wednesday said it was ‘possible’ that the Pentagon would work with the Taliban to hunt down and destroy the ISIS-K terrorist group.

America’s Newest Ally Is Heavily Armed: Taliban has billions in US weapons, including Black Hawks and up to 600K rifles

The war chest also included the supply of at least 600,000 infantry weapons — including M16 assault rifles — as well as 162,000 pieces of communication equipment and 16,000 night-vision goggles.

In just two years from 2017 to 2019, the US gave 7,035 machine guns, 4,702 Humvees, 20,040 hand grenades, 2,520 bombs and 1,394 grenade launchers, The Hill noted, citing a report last year from the Special Inspector General for Afghanistan Reconstruction (SIGAR).

“Everything that hasn’t been destroyed is the Taliban’s now,” one US official told Reuters, speaking on the condition of anonymity.

The Perfect Phone Call: President Biden pressured Afghanistan President Ashraf Ghani to create the “perception that the Taliban weren’t winning, “whether it’s true or not”

Nothing to see here: Psaki REFUSES to discuss Joe’s leaked call with ex-Afghanistan President that reveals Biden KNEW Afghan army was collapsing, because it was ‘private’

Colonel describes hearing damning phone call that led to Trump’s first impeachment

An angry Biden blames Trump for Afghan pullout — then takes credit for it

“…whether it is true or not…”

Joe pressured Afghan prez to make it look like Taliban were losing before withdrawal

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