BLM attacks 46th precinct station in the Bronx NY

Violating his China Flu edicts BLM supporter and PA Gov. Tom Wolf leads a BLM protest march against law enforcement with hundreds violating Tom Wolf’s China Flu edicts in Harrisburg on June 3, 2020.

Pennsylvania Gov. Tom Wolf: I Know It Was ‘Inconsistent’ to Violate Guidelines to Protest


NYPD car is attacked outside precinct 46 by Black Lives Matter protesters who pour ‘gasoline’ over car with cops in

Laura Gesualdi-Gilmore 17:37, 5 Sep 2021 Updated: 20:35, 5 Sep 2021

AN NYPD car was reportedly attacked by Black Lives Matter protesters who police believe poured gasoline on the vehicle with cops inside.

Demonstrators have been gathering outside of the 46th precinct station in the Bronx in recent days after Mike Rosado, 24, was fatally shot by off-duty cops.

Police said that on Friday, one of those protesters picked up a red gas can and began pouring it onto a parked police van, which officers were sitting in.

Shocking bodycam footage shows a person pouring what appears to be gasoline over the vehicle.

Cops told the New York Post that the cops inside were able to drive away before anything was ignited.

The person in the video could face state and federal charges, cops said.

Protests, which have turned violent at times, have erupted in the area after the police shooting of Rosado and the arrest of his father.

Rosado and his dad, Rafael Rosado, 44, had reportedly been fighting in the street and throwing bottles in the Tremont neighborhood of the Bronx last weekend.

Mike Rosado reportedly pulled out a gun and begin firing towards a group of people, according to the New York Daily News.

Two off-duty police officers saw Rosado with the gun and rushed over to tell him to drop it, police said.

Cops said that the man continued to fire and that’s when the officers returned fire, killing Rosado.

After Rosado was shot, his father reportedly picked up the gun and began firing at the officers as well. He’s since been arrested and charged with attempted murder, illegal gun possession, and reckless endangerment.


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