Biden “is literally importing COVID patients into communities all over the country and then demanding mandates and restrictions upon the American people in order to fight that same virus.”

‘I’m not taking it’: Joe Biden, Kamala Harris led Covid vaccine skepticism parade before election

Otherization is the age-old phenomenon advanced by individuals who have a sense of their own specialness in the world. The only antidote for their destructive behavior is for the “others” to assert their dignity and reclaim their culture, civilization, and country.

Let’s remember that Joe Biden never once mentioned a word about the unvaccinated, and even COVID-positive, illegals he is turning loose at bus stations all over America in his Thursday speech. He is literally importing COVID patients into communities all over the country and then demanding mandates and restrictions upon the American people in order to fight that same virus.

We are so far behind the looking glass right now it is amazing we don’t have blood in the streets. It’s hard not to foresee that – but easy to see that chaos and civil disturbance is what Biden’s handlers want. College football fans chant “F**k Joe Biden” on Saturday in stadiums all over the country, and five days later here is Biden demanding that the managers of those stadiums impose vaccine mandates on the fans.

On Saturday is the 20th anniversary of the September 11 terrorist attacks. Joe Biden has no plans to address the nation on that day. Perhaps he realizes he can’t be heard over the din of Americans joining in the “F**k Joe Biden” chant.

It’s clear dividing the country on COVID vaccinations, and laying in wait for those who disobey, is their strategy.

Joe Biden Is Worse Than COVID

Some diseases are lethal.

Get vaccinated,” whispered the doddering, white-haired failure of a president before beating a hasty retreat from the podium. Reporters barked questions at him which neither he nor his handlers had interest in answering, because they have no answers.

Joe Biden has no answers for COVID-19. What Joe Biden has is blame and Otherization for Americans not invested in the tired narratives of his handlers and the managerial elite he represents so badly.

That’s clear. It’s the only true takeaway from the disgraceful, alarming speech Biden gave Thursday.

Despite universal, dishonest media coverage propping up his administration this man has botched everything he has touched for the eight months he’s occupied the White House, culminating in an historic, dishonorable humiliation in Afghanistan which has driven his approval ratings into the 30’s. Biden’s handlers have panicked, pivoting to the one issue America has yet to recognize his misgovernance in.


There won’t be any hiding for Biden now, as he’s turned his entire presidency into an engine of Covidian dystopia. We’ll soon find out whether the American people will stand for it, and the answer might well determine the future of the country.

The chief theme of Biden’s COVID speech is that people yet to be vaccinated against the virus are the Other, and must be punished by being denied access to public places, jobs and other avenues of mainstream American life. Biden actually said “to the vaccinated we understand your anger at the unvaccinated,” and that “our patience is wearing thin” for those yet to take the jab.


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