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Houston police union demands Democrat judge’s resignation ‘This blood is on your hands, Greg Glass. Shame on you.”

Over the last two years in Houston 138 people have “been killed by someone out on multiple felony bonds.”

The Houston police union is calling for the resignation of a judge who released an alleged gunman who shot and killed a police officer despite his history of violence. 

Houston Police Officers’ Union President Douglas Griffith is calling on Harris County’s 208th District Court Judge Greg Glass to resign after he let 31-year-old Deon Ledet out on bond despite his extensive criminal history. 


Griffith says that the community is fed up with Houston officers being killed by career criminals.

‘We are calling for his resignation,’ Griffith told Fox News in a phone interview. ‘The community is becoming more and more outraged. This is the 138th person, one of our officers, over the last two years that has been killed by someone out on multiple felony bonds.’

Griffith says that over the last year judge Glass has neglected his duty and released everyone on bail because he refuses to hold a trial due to COVID. 

Harris County’s 208th District Court Judge Greg Glass

Houston police union demands Democrat judge’s resignation after ‘violent criminal he released on a reduced bond shot dead cop and injured his partner’

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It’s Not The Federal Government That Has Slowed The Invasion In Del Rio, Texas It Was Texas State Troopers

‘Feels like another country’: Shocking scenes from the Del Rio migrant tent camp

Many Haitian migrants in Texas border town of Del Rio being released into U.S.: AP

The Sun, 1 London Bridge Street, London, UK: “GRADUALLY, the Americans are realising that they have elected a weak, self-serving idiot to be their President.”

Biden has presided over the greatest American humiliation since Vietnam and possibly before.

US is finally waking up to Sleepy Joe Biden’s cosmic uselessness

GRADUALLY, the Americans are realising that they have elected a weak, self-serving idiot to be their President.

You have to say, it’s taken them long enough to realise.

So desperate were the media and ­luvvies to get rid of Donald Trump they latched upon a semi-senile, perpetually dozing dork to replace him.


Coarse and grotesque though he was at times, Trump was ten times better as a president than Joe Biden.

The liberal establishment saddled the USA with Biden as President.

Through an election which was astonishing and, frankly, utterly undemocratic in its treatment of the two candidates.

It’s a lesson for us. Don’t let that ­happen here, ever.


Sleepy Joe Biden made the entire world a hostage to terror

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Biden And Democrats Become Interested In The Invasion “will be conducting a swift investigation” Into The U.S. Border Patrol

Furious mounted Texas Border agents deny they are whipping migrants and accuse Biden administration of fueling outrage to deflect their failings – as union boss says riders were trying to protect themselves and their horses

ICE spokesperson: Haitian migrants assaulted federal agents in bus headed to Brownsville

Thousands of Haitian migrants at southern border are being released into US

Illegal Border Crossings Continue at Record Pace

Over two dozen GOP governors request Biden meeting over border crisis

“We must end the current crisis and return to border operations that respect the laws of our land and the lives of all people, including those in our states looking to the federal government to enforce and protect our nation’s borders,” the governors wrote.

Prominent White House officials took to the morning shows on Tuesday to further condemn the… horse-mounted U.S. Border Patrol agents chasing Haitian migrants in Texas. The Department of Homeland Security said Monday night it will be conducting a swift investigation into the matter…

Biden found images of border agents with migrants ‘horrific and horrible,’ White House says

Democrats support probe into border altercation with Haitians

Haitian migrants hijack bus, briefly escape en route to deportation flight: report