Biden Finally Takes Action At Border Places Border Patrol Agents on Administrative Duties For Doing Their Job

Mostly peaceful “Haitian deportees BITE ICE agents and assault pilots on deportation flights back to Port-au-Prince”

Biden reacted in horror to video of border agents on …

President Joe Biden believed scenes of border patrol agents on horseback intimidating Haitian migrants were “horrific and horrible” and supports a Department of Homeland Security …

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Democrat Congresswoman Maxine Waters: Border Patrol’s Treatment of Illegals “Worse Than Slavery”

Biden Admin Suspends Border Agents on Horseback Who Were Doing Their Job — Preventing Illegal Aliens from Entering US

The Biden Administration suspended US horseback border patrol agents who were preventing illegal aliens from entering the US this week.

Democrats were outraged with the photos and video that showed exactly what they are trained to do — prevent illegals from entering the United States.

Democrats are not at all concerned with the open US border with Mexico.

Over 200,000 illegals have flooded into the US the past two months as Joe Biden continues to allow unlimited illegal immigration into the country.
The fake news mainstream media has mostly ignored this crisis.


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