While Pennsylvania’s Middle Class Has Been Dying Virtue Signalling Casey And Wolf Tell You What You Owe And How You Should Act Without Telling Anyone (And They Will Not Be Asked) How Resettling Hundreds of Afghans In The Commonwealth Will Benefit Pennsylvania’s Middle Class

“We owe these Afghans gratitude…” U.S. Senator Bob Casey, D-Scranton

“It is incumbent on us to… be a welcoming home for any who seek safe refuge in the United States.” BLM activist and PA Gov. Tom Wolf

Wolf: Pennsylvania ready to support Afghan refugees

Hundreds of Afghans Being Resettled in Texas, Florida, Pennsylvania, Arizona

Importing Enemies

The demand to resettle Afghan refugees brings the war home.

America has massive problems here at home. Ours is not the competent, confident, prosperous country of the mid-twentieth century, with its patriotic and capable leadership. With so many urgent problems to address at home, we don’t have the capacity to absorb hundreds of thousands of refugees—especially with the ongoing crisis at our southern border. We need to serve the interests of American citizens first.

…they also know that none of these “refugees,” you can bet, will be settled in Cambridge, or the Vineyard, or the Upper West Side, or Georgetown, or Chevy Chase or McLean, or Berkeley or Palo Alto, or Santa Monica or Silverlake.

No, they’ll be going to heartland communities where what’s left of the middle class lives, to put stress on local schools, hospitals, police departments and other social services. And allowed to live as they damned-well please, free of the laws and regulations that tie honest citizens in knots, that are only enforced against us.

Best States For Middle Class: PA Isn’t One Of Them

How good is Pennsylvania for the middle class? According to a new analysis from financial technology company SmartAsset, not so great.

Under Attack Pennsylvania’s Middle Class and The Jobs Crisis

The American Dream used to mean that if you put in a hard day’s work, you could expect good
wages, benefits, and a better life for your kids. But the kinds of jobs that can provide a solid middle-
class life in return for hard work are in short supply—unemployment is up, earnings are stagnant
or falling, and hard-won benefits are being lost. The future of Pennsylvania’s middle class, the
backbone of Pennsylvania’s economy for more than half a century, is at risk.


The American Dream came to life in Pennsylvania in the form of a strong and vibrant middle class that
sustained the state’s economy for decades. But for the first time in generations, more people are falling out
of the middle class than joining its ranks. The economy is still productive, but the gains are accruing primar
ily to the top and workers are no longer getting their fair share. Nationally, the top 1 percent of earners now
takes home more than the entire middle class combined, while most workers are living from paycheck to
paycheck. It doesn’t have to be this way. Just as the post-war middle class was built, it is possible to rebuild
it and strengthen it for the next generation. That will require the strength and leadership of workers coming
together to reclaim the American Dream and demanding that our elected officials work for workers

Hundreds of Afghans Being Resettled in Texas, Florida, Pennsylvania, Arizona

As Breitbart News reported this week, the Biden administration is drastically expanding the eligibility for Afghans to come to the U.S. Once believed to be a small-scale resettlement of Afghans who worked as interpreters directly for the U.S. Armed Forces in Afghanistan has now become a global migration effort for tens of thousands of Afghans, and potentially hundreds of thousands.

Democrats Blamed After U.S. Steel Cancels $1.5B Project in …

May 4, 2021 – Democrats Blamed After U.S. Steel Cancels $1.5B Project in Pennsylvania. Executives with the U.S. Steel Corp. announced days ago that they are canceling a $1.5 billion project in western Pennsylvania that was set to bring thousands of middle-class union jobs to the region, a move that many are now blaming on Democrats and environmental groups …

State Dept Admits The Majority of Afghans and SIVs Who Helped us Did Not Evacuate, So Who Are These 116,000 Afghans We Evacuated

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