Good News For Border Patrol Agents “could get little more than a few days suspension” For Doing Their Job

While the photographer who was actually at the border, unlike Biden who has never been to the border, says of the Border Patrol agents on horseback: ‘I’ve never seen them whip anyone’

Biden and Harris harshly condemn horseback wrangling …

Border Patrol agents who Biden said would ‘pay’ could get minimal punishment, officials say

The Border Patrol agents who were pictured blocking migrants on horseback in Del Rio and who President Biden promised would “pay” as he echoed false claims the agents “strapped” migrants — could get little more than a few days suspension, if the investigation turns out as some senior administration officials hope.

The agents are at the center of a Department of Homeland Security investigation after images emerged which Democratic lawmakers and left-wing activists claimed showed them using “whips” against migrants. Officials and agents quickly noted that the agents were in fact using long reins to control their horses, and were twirling them to move the horse forward, not to attack migrants.


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