When Your Agenda Is More Important Than Your Credibility And Facts: CNN’s Jake Tapper Lied And Kenosha Burned

State prosecutors decided not to file charges against Sheskey earlier this year after video showed that Blake, who was wanted on a felony warrant, was armed with a knife.

Feds won’t seek charges against cop in Jacob Blake shooting

By Associated Press

Published: 17:26 EDT, 8 October 2021


The U.S. Department of Justice launched its own investigation days after the shooting. The agency announced Friday that a team of prosecutors from its Civil Rights Division and the U.S. attorney´s office in Milwaukee reviewed police reports, witness statements, dispatch logs and videos of the incident, and determined there wasn´t enough evidence to prove Sheskey used excessive force or violated Blake´s federal rights.

“Accordingly, the review of this incident has been closed without a federal prosecution,” the Justice Department said in a news release.

Scumbag Jake Tapper Hero In His Own Mind

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