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Pennsylvania Experienced A “Record spike in murders” While BLM Activist Tom Wolf Was Busy Protesting Against Law Enforcement

BLM protests & ‘riots’ after George Floyd’s death did as much as 2$BILLION worth of damage

The costs have amounted to the costliest period of civil unrest in insurance history…

BLM speaker declares war on ‘filthy, disgusting animal’ cops

More Than 2,000 Officers Injured in Summer’s Protests and Riots

PA Gov. Wolf Marches with Protesters After Slamming Business Owners as Cowardly Selfish For Reopening

The number of homicides in Pennsylvania also grew at a staggering rate.

Record spike in murders in Pennsylvania last year

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“What does it look like to not build the border wall?”

Miami Police Chief Art Acevedo: “Miami is run by the Cuban mafia.”

Miami police chief hailed by the city’s mayor as ‘America’s best’ is FIRED just six months into the job after he claimed a ‘Cuban mafia’ runs the city

Houston Police Chief Art Acevedo Talks To His People

Miami police chief Art Acevedo is facing political …

He reportedly said: “Miami is run by the Cuban mafia.” Backlash Against Chief’s Comments The comment angered the Fraternal Order of Police and Cuban-American members of the city of Miami…

Seattle Times “blatantly dishonest”

Biden says border agents on horses ‘will pay’ for treatment of…

Tens of Thousands In The Next Biden Caravan On Way: Todd Bensman Discusses Migrants Headed to Southern Border

The Next ‘Del Rio’ Mass Migration Crisis Is Already Brewing in Yuma, Ariz. — and About To Get Worse

Rewarding illegal and unwanted conduct quite naturally perpetuates the historic mass-migration crisis we see now, border-wide. The administration seems intent only on expanding entry-and-stay, rather than hard deterrence measures, which would end this mass migration crisis if they were ever applied border-wide.

Until the Biden administration shifts from rewards to deterrence, expect more Del Rios and Yumas for years to come.