Biden Begs OPEC For More Oil: “I would transition from the oil industry, yes,” Joe Biden

“I would transition from the oil industry, yes,” Biden said during the final presidential debate.

“Oh. There’s a big statement,” President Donald Trump responded.

“It is a big statement,” Biden shot back.

Joe Biden Debate Pledge To Transition Away From Fossil Fuels Could Cost Him Pennsylvania and Other Energy States

Saying the United States should transition away from fossil fuels is a popular idea on the left. It’s not workable in real life, however. Millions of people depend on fossil fuels not only to heat and light their homes, but for their jobs.

Biden’s energy idiocy: Kneecap US oil but beg OPEC to pump more

For Six Months Biden Has Shut Down U.S. Oil Production

Biden begging OPEC for oil

Canada slams Biden’s call to OPEC to pump more oil as ‘hypocrisy’

U.S. households will pay more to heat their homes this winter, officials say

US inflation sees largest annual increase in 13 years as prices of gas, cars, food surge

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