You’re Fired: Biden Wants Police Officers And Nurses And Firefighters Who Were On The Frontline Before Any Vaccines Were Available To Be Fired If They Don’t Now Submit To His Divisive Forced Vaccination Mandate

‘You are the one being divisive about this’: Ron DeSantis tells Biden he is dividing the US and trying to plunge Americans into destitution with his vaccine mandates as he ramps up war with the White House 

The Republican Florida governor lashed out at Biden for the second time in two days after vowing to take the president to federal court over his sweeping COVID vaccine mandate.

“To say to a police officer whose been working this whole time or a nurse or a firefighter that now they lose their job.”

Attempting to impose an unconstitutional mandate on the American people that will cause people to lose their jobs and will leave key industries shorthanded is divisive.” Florida Governor Ron DeSantis

‘I’m not taking it’: Joe Biden, Kamala Harris led Covid vaccine skepticism parade before election

Biden’s divisive governance is alienating voters

Why does Biden’s vaccine mandate not apply to welfare recipients…

Biden doesn’t require migrants at border to get vaccinated …

WH defends not requiring neg. COVID test from illegal migrants

DHS dropped 40,000 COVID-19-positive migrants in US cities …

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