The City Council of Philadelphia Passes Bill to Allow Black People to Commit Minor Traffic Offenses With Impunity

Philly becomes first major US city to end pulling drivers over for minor traffic offenses – a tactic which opponents say disproportionately affects black people

Daily Mail|2 days ago Philadelphia became the first major city to ban police traffic stops of low-level motor vehicle offenses on Thursday, a tactic which critics claim disproportionately affects black people.

Philadelphia passes another bill that helps criminals commit crime

Washington Examiner on|3 hours ago The City Council of Philadelphia passed a bill on Thursday to prevent police from pulling over drivers who are committing minor traffic violations, such as driving without an inspection sticker, driving with a broken brake light,

Philly could set new records for homicides in 2021 – WHYY

Philadelphia Surpasses 300 Homicides So Far In 2021 As …

Philadelphia surges past 400 homicides for 2021.

Soros-backed Philadelphia DA sees homicides hit record levels

Steve Keeley@KeeleyFox29· The 52nd female homicide victim this year in Philadelphia. Kimberly Johnson,50, was among the 3 weekend murder victims. More women&girls murdered in 2021 than any year ever before @PhillyPolice tell FOX29 News @FOX29philly

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