Somalian Refugee And Democrat Congresswoman Who Married Her Brother and Pushed To Defund Minneapolis Police Department Blames Cops For Spike In Violent Crime

Ilhan Omar blames ‘dysfunctional’ Minneapolis police for spike in violent crime claiming they have ‘chosen not to fulfil their oath to provide public safety’ 

Omar accused the Minneapolis police department of ‘not fulfilling their oath of office’ during a speech this past weekend, and said that there is ‘no accountability’ for what the police are

Somalis have Changed Minneapolis – American Thinker

Omar, who pushed to defund Minneapolis PD blames police …

REVEALED: Violent crime has surged in Minneapolis in the year since George Floyd’s death, with the second highest number of homicides EVER

Minneapolis sees shocking 537% spike in carjackings as …

Ilhan Omar Says America Shouldn’t Be a Country of White People

Ilhan Omar interview: Trump is a racist tyrant

FBI dodged Ilhan Omar-‘bro’ wed probe: Devine

‘My choice’: Ilhan Omar becomes first to wear hijab in US Congress

Somalis in America: A Horror Story of Crime, Violence, and …

The decision taken in the early 1990s by the US’s former president, Bill Clinton, to import tens of thousands of backward Somalis into the American heartland of Minnesota has turned into an entirely predictable tale of crime, violence—and now, as demonstrated in the Nairobi, Kenya, shopping mall atrocity, terrorism.

Somali criminal activities in America have quickly taken their place as one of the most serious issues facing the authorities in Minnesota.-In May 2013, a large group of Somali gang members began randomly attacking joggers on a Minneapolis trail that runs along the Mississippi River…

Race War Violence in Lewiston, Maine As Somalis Brag “We Aren’t Going Anywhere”

Feds: Somali gangs ran sex ring in 3 states – US news …

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