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Philadelphia Family of ‘Career Criminal’ Who Was Shot Dead After He Charged Police Armed With A Knife Reportedly Awarded $2.5 Million in Settlement

Walter Wallace Jr, 27, has so many mugshots I couldn’t fit them all into one properly-sized header image.

“Meet Walter Wallace Jr, The Career Criminal”

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The media, which has done everything in their power to either ignore or cover-up the BLM riots in Philly… Meet Walter Wallace Jr, The Career Criminal Whose Shooting by Police Triggered Riots in Philly Chris Menahan – Information Liberation – Oct. … Continue reading →

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[The Wallace family liar] then noted that he saw no viable attempt from officers to de-escalate the situation. Authorities said that Wallace was armed with a knife and charged at the officers, which prompted them to discharge their duty weapons.

Philadelphia awards huge cash settlement to family of man who charged at officers with a knife.

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PHILADELPHIA, PA – It has been just over a year since Walter Wallace, Jr. was shot and killed during an altercation that saw Wallace rush at officers while armed with a knife.

He was warned at least a dozen times to drop the knife before he was shot. His death sparked numerous protests that led to civilians clashing with police. Now, the city is awarding a pay-out to the his family.


The Real World on the Streets

Knife vs Gun The 21 Foot Rule

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While Biden Continues His War On Unvaxxed Americans His Administration Plans On Paying Some Unvaxxed Illegal Immigrants $450,000 Although No One Told Joe

Biden Declares War On Unvaccinated Americans

Biden won’t order illegal immigrants to get COVID vaccine

ACLU tears into Biden for not being aware of the ‘actions of his very own DOJ’ after he called reports of $450,000 migrant payments ‘garbage’

Biden is slammed for plan to fine businesses up to $14,000 for EACH unvaccinated worker: Retailers warn of staff shortages over holidays and GOP says ‘no one should have to choose between vaccine and putting food on table’

Supported By PA Gov. Tom Wolf and U.S. Senator Bob Casey From Scranton ‘America Turns Against BLM’

Ambush attacks on police up 139%, report finds …

Black Lives Matter leader declares war on police

#BlackLivesMatter kills cops, Fort Worth police group …

‘For the first time since 2018, more Americans now oppose the Black Lives Matter movement than support it’.