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Most of us do not live in Bidenland as ‘Bidenland is a fantasy world where reality cannot intrude.’

Biden sets record for weekends away from White House just 4 months in

Biden says he hasn’t had time to visit southern border, admits he probably should

Welcome To Bidenland – Where The Cartels Are Not In Control Of Our Southern Border

by Charles “Sam” Faddis

The key to life in Bidenland is denial. Bidenland is a fantasy world where reality cannot intrude.

In Bidenland:

  • Afghanistan is not a terrorist superstate.
  • The Taliban are businesslike partners who want coexistence.
  • The Chinese do not control Bagram airbase.
  • Gas prices are not surging.
  • Shortages of consumer goods are not looming.
  • (Covid) Vaccines work.
  • And perhaps most importantly, the southern border is most definitely not out of control.
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